Sunday, February 11, 2007


The virtues of bilateralism

After plowing through a series of IMs, our lane swam a 6 x 50 freestyle drill set and concentrated on alternate breathing (i.e. breathing every three strokes for the first 25 yards and every five strokes, the second). I found Coach Jun's bilateral breathing exercise helped me focus on stroke symmetry in the water.

These days, I have been alternating between the realms of fiction and nonfiction, (practicing bilateral reading, if you will) and have found shifting between fact and story, narration and information, tale and thesis especially rewarding. After reading Howard's haunting first novel, I turned to professional reading on transforming teams. And after following Abel Crofton rush through the streets of Amsterdam, I considered Stoddard's advice in You Are Your Choices. In swimming and reading, my goals are to find a balance and move beyond the comfort zone.

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