Thursday, April 30, 2009


The future is overdue

On September 26, 2009, I will be participating in the 5.85-mile Little Red Lighthouse Swim to help raise monies for ALA's Spectrum Scholarship and bring awareness to the critical need for more ethnic and multilingual librarians within our profession.

I will swim the Hudson River in honor of five special librarians: Bonnie Farrier (supervising librarian, Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library, New York Public Library); Jane Fisher (director, Rutherford Public Library); Cecil Hixon (former adult programming specialist, New York Public Library); Marsha Howard (coordinator, Poetry in the Branches, Poets House); and Raymond Markey (former president, Local 1930, New York Public Library Guild). Through their daily work as librarians, they have inspired me and countless library workers within New York City and beyond to embrace activist roles, foster community
and commit ourselves fully to public service.

Sunday, April 26, 2009



Wrong directions. A lost ID. Misplaced keys. A dead car battery. Despite a series of unfortunate events, our team fared spectacularly well at the Nike Swim. The combination of mild water temperatures, sunshine, the Miami skyline and a Gary Hall Jr. sighting made for a perfect start to the open water swim season.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Swann in love

The sky was enchanting at the 6:00 AM workout.
4 x 50 FR
200 kick/swim by 50
200 drill/swim by 50
10 x 50 descend by :05 seconds
8 x 50 controlled breathing (six breaths, five breaths...)

At the second morning practice, the water glittered as we swam:
400 FR
200 IM drill
3 x 200 stroke IM order (without FR)
6 x 100
100 K
2 x 100 BK
100 K
2 x 100 BR
500 FR
500 FR with zoomers
200 cool down choice

In the evening, a group of us went to hear Olympian Dara Torres talk about her new book, junk food, training and competition at a local library fundraiser.


Sessions of sweet silent thought

Spring training and Proust are "putting me on the right road." On Thursday morning, we swam:

400 FR
400 reverse IM
4 x 200 FR
4 x 100 rolling IM
4 x 100 K
2 x 300 IM (no FL) with zoomers
2 x 300 FR with zoomers
6 x 50 stroke/free fast
300 cool down

At the technique clinic, Coach Bonnie emphasized two points: 1) swim like you mean it; and 2) swim like you're a monster (i.e. tall, long, big).

In the evening, Coach Marty's short-course workout consisted of:

6 x 50
6 x 25 (descend 1 - 3, 4 -6)
4 x 25 K (2-medium, 2-fast)
4 x 50 swim (3-moderate, 1-fast)
4 x 25 K (2-moderate, 2-fast)
2 x 25 K (1-moderate, 1-fast)
4 x 25 FR fast
6 x50 (descend 1-3, 4-6)

In the chapter entitled "Combray," Proust's narrator says, "I seek my way again, I turn a corner...but...the goal is in my heart..."

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Our first long-course morning practice in Fort Lauderdale was straight out of Proust:
The moment they become wet, stretch and twist and take on colour and distinctive shape...solid and recognisable...
300 FR
100 K
200 FR
100 K
100 FR
100 K
9 x 100
3 x (3 x100 FR/100 stroke/100 K)
5 x 200 IM with fins
1-4 rolling 50 K, 5 swim
4 x100 FR/stroke

In the evening, Coach Marty's practice was "all-powerful joy."

4 x 50 FR
4 x 50 FR drill/swim
6 x 100 build IM
1- FR

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Spring training

The first night's practice was splendrous. We watched the colors of the sky change with every lap.

3 x 100 FR
6 x 75 k/d/s, odd FR, even stroke
4 x 200 rolling 50 fast
4 x 100 rolling 25 fast
6 x 50 kick odd FR, even stroke
200 FR cool down

We are so privileged to share the lanes with the FLA masters.

Sunday, April 05, 2009



This morning, I chose to swim drills at the McBurney Y. The water was as fluid and welcoming and warm as a bossa.

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